Thursday, April 20, 2017

Class Baseball - Review Activity

Are you a baseball fan?  Looking for a fun way to review in class?  Make a Copy of Class Baseball, a Google Slides review activity originally shared by Alice Keeler.

CLICK on this link to open the program.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

Google Forms and the Quiz Feature

Google Forms and the Quiz Feature:

Google Forms has added a new feature which allows teachers added functionality to Forms to automatically mark a quiz and share feedback to name a few.  In the past add-ons such as Flubaroo would assist in this task.  Flubaroo is much more advanced but if you are looking for a quick hitter Google Forms is more than up to the task.

Login to MyTools2Go, 0pen up Google Drive and create a new Google Form to get started.  Choose the Gear at the top of the screen to get the menu above.  Select the Quizzes option to access the Quiz features.  You can choose what information to share with students when they have completed the quiz and what information they see.

 If you choose to have Google collect student email address through MyTools2Go you can choose to email out their results when everyone has completed the quiz or give them immediate feedback as shown below.

Google allows teachers to select the correct answer and include not only the correct answer to the student but also provide links and feedback as to why the answer is correct or false!

Click on the Video below for a quick overview of Google Forms and the Quiz Feature.

Click on the YOUTUBE button inside the video for a better view.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coding/Robotics Challenge #2 - So Many Choices, Which Way Will You Go?

Robotics Coding Challenge #2: 

So Many Choices: Which Way Will You Go?

Students will create a coordinate grid, place objects on that grid and then program Dash, Sphero or Sprites (Scratch Jr.) to gather objects and finished at a desired location. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coding/Robotics Challenge: It's Hip Not To Be Square

Robotics Challenge #1:



Challenge your students to demonstrate their understanding of two-dimensional shapes using any of the following: Dash, Sphero, Makey Makey and/or Scratch Coding.  

Check out the video below for instructions and examples.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stoodle: A Collaborative Whiteboard

I'm a big fan of student collaboration and so when I see tools that allow that collaboration to happen in different ways then that's a good thing. Stoodle is not a new app (it's just new to me) as it has been around in it's current form since 2014. There are two things that I like about this. Firstly, when it was developed, two of the main developers were high school students and the third was a freshman at Stanford. Secondly, its simplicity make it easy to use (not to mention that it works on multiple platforms since it is web based). this video):
Check out my video to see how easily it works (for more of a tutorial you can watch
When I tested it out all of the features seemed to work on most devices. I did notice that importing media on an iPad didn't seem to go so well but no problems on a laptop or Chromebook. You can try out the shared whiteboard I used in the above video at this link or go to and start your own. So try this out and share your screens

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Class Pet - Sphero +SPRK

Shout out to Mrs. Brooks, Grade 6 teacher at St. Bernard's Catholic Elementary School, for allowing us to share her blog post.
NEW Class Pet
The students were introduced to our school's adorable addition which has lit up our lives since we met yesterday.  There were "oohs" and "aahs" when he (?) performed a trick or listened to commands.  The kids spent the better part of the morning chasing him around the gym, picking him up and carrying him around. He has lots of energy for about 60 minutes but then needs a nap to "recharge".   

The kids want him to become our class pet even though he belongs to the whole school. They're even thinking of teaching him some new tricks like delivering attendance to the office.

His name is *Sphero® and we met at a Tech Summit hosted by our neighbouring high school, FJ Brennan.

*I am in no way affiliated with the Sphero® company or founders and am not being compensated for this post.  I'm just blogging the observations I had, as an educator of 12 year olds, on the particular day that they were introduced to this technology genius.  Sorry!  I'm trying to present an unbiased view...maybe failing?

Although Sphero® is a robotic toy, he seemed to provide many of the same benefits as an actual pet.

1.  Builds Family Bonds:  We often refer to our class as a family.  When working with Sphero®, the kids were focused on activities they could do together.  They collaborated and shared creative ideas.  Towards the end of the day, a group of 5-6 kids revisited Sphero® in the hopes of programming him using MakeyMakey®.  That was taking everything they had learned at the Tech Summit and bringing it to the next level!

2.  Helps with Learning:  Enough said!  Like a pet with paws, Sphero® is non-judgemental and this is encouraging to students.  Every student had an entry level into the technology of this robot.  How it performed was limited only by their imagination.

3.  Encourages more Physical Activity:  Kids are using a computer device to make Sphero® go.  When first introduced to him, they wanted to see how fast he could move and so, spent time, chasing him around the gym.  Like "pet parents" in the dog parks, while running around after their own Sphero®, these kids did ask about other groups' Sphero® so it was a bridge between less social students because they were communicating!

*added bonus?  no clean-up required!

After exploring with Sphero®, yesterday, one of the students is trying to spark a movement to convince our principal that a 12-pack of Sphero® ($1700 CDN) would make a top notch investment.  I see persuasive writing, campaign writing, poster propaganda, ads written for announcements as an attempt to win her over!

Are your students on the ball?